Traverse City State Hospital Tunnels & Basement – Part 4


By now, you must be wondering how long I spent in the Traverse City State Hospital.  The photography tour was actually only 2 hours.  In this short time, I was amazed at the number of interesting photos I was made.  The tour concluded in one of the tunnels that ran under the grounds.  The tunnel was perhaps my favorite scene to photograph.  The texture, color and lines of the rows of brick converging as you look through the tunnel were fun to photograph.  My favorite photo of the tunnel is the one above.  The viewer is left to wonder what is beyond the door at the end of the tunnel.



Prior to entering the tunnels, we toured the basement of one of the buildings.  It was extremely dark in the basement and we were given flashlights to be able to find our way around.  The photo below is a very interesting display of light and shadows entering this hall from window in the rooms to the left of the hall.


This is one of those rooms to the left of the hall above where you can see the source of the light streaming through the doorways into the hall.




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  1. Mike Ross September 20, 2016 at 7:25 am #

    Whoa… Superb photos. Ok, I’ll bite. At the end of the tunnel is a treasure chest full of gold! (that, or an ultramodern psychiatric examination room for Jason Bourne!) 🙂

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