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Fall Evening at Lake of the Woods

fall-evening-at-lake-of-the-woodsToday was a beautiful fall day for the first of November.  We may not see any more days with temperatures in the upper 70’s, so we better enjoy it while we can.  The fall foliage here in central Illinois is a few weeks behind the normal schedule this year.  I made a detour on the way home through the Lake of the Woods Forest Preserve.  There was great light and the color reflecting of the lake was beautiful this evening.

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Autumn Maples

Autumn MaplesThis photo of autumn maples is an abstract photo of the colorful view in my backyard looking toward the woods.  It seems like people either connect to this type if image or don’t because the blur is not typical of what we expect a photo to look like.  The photo was taken with my Fujifilm X100T using the built-in 3 stop neutral density filter, which reduces the light coming in to 1/8.  By reducing the light coming in to 1/8, it allows for shutter speeds that are 8 times longer than normal, which is typically long enough if you stop down the aperture to pan vertically and create this type of motion blur even during the day.  The nice thing about the X100T is that you can turn on this 3 stop filter with the push of a button, whereas, every other camera I have requires a screw on filter to be attached to the lens.  I would certainly like welcome your comments about this type of abstract image.

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A Walk in the Woods

Walk in the WoodsIt was quite a breezy morning today, but the temperatures were mild and there will not be that many more days to enjoy the beautiful fall colors.  Gayle and I ventured out for a walk in the woods on one of the paths through the Lake of the Woods Forest Preserve.  I cannot believe we don’t do this a little more often as it is so close to home.  There are several miles of asphalt path that wind through the woods in the park.  We walked about a mile before turning around and heading back to our vehicle.  Our walk in the woods was a very peaceful one.  As you see in the photo above, the maples that lined the path still had many of their brightly yellow colored leaves.

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Fall Evening at Lincolnshire Fields

Lincolnshire Fields Fall-1.jpgLincolnshire Fields Fall-2.jpgLincolnshire Fields Fall-3.jpgLincolnshire Fields Fall-4.jpgLincolnshire Fields Fall-5.jpgLincolnshire Fields Fall-6.jpg

After seeing some of my photos from on my Facebook page, I was asked by Brian Tulk, our General Manager at Lincolnshire Fields Country Club if I would be willing to take some photos on the golf course showing the colorful fall foliage.  I was happy to oblige, taking along my fixed lens Fujifilm X100T while I walked 9 holes after work last night.  A fall evening at Lincolnshire Fields this time of year is filled with yellow, orange and red everywhere you turn.  These wide-angle photos give a nice perspective of the surroundings on the course.  Normally, I would take more time in planning out these photos, but the evening was too perfect to waste.  While the colors on the course are probably a week or so past peak, they were still had a nice pop as we neared the golden hour.  My playing partners were very patient with me as I stopped between shots to capture the beauty of the evening.  I certainly appreciate Brian using the panorama crops of these photos on the Lincolnshire Fields web site and for his plug on Facebook.  The gallery on this post includes the original 3 x 2 aspect ratio of each photo.   The nice weather in the upper 70’s will shortly be coming to an end, so enjoy it while you can.


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Fall Sunrise at Lake of the Woods

Fall Sunrise at Lake of the WoodsEach morning I drive past the Lake of the Woods Forest Preserve on my way to work.  The normal route takes me directly to the interstate where I can buzz in to the office.  Several times a year, most often when there is a beautiful sunrise or a dusting of light snow, I take a 5 minute detour by cutting through Lake of the Woods to soak in the beauty of the morning.  On those few mornings when I do, there is such a feeling of tranquility to start the day.  This morning was one such morning.  As I came to the lake, I was greeted with not only the beautiful sunrise, but with still waters that perfectly reflected the sky overhead and trees displaying bright fall colors.   Though I was greeted with this fall sunrise at the Lake of the Woods just a couple of miles from home, we often don’t see what’s just around the corner or down the road from us.  There is such beauty in God’s creation around us if we take a few minutes to enjoy and soak it all in.

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