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3 Frames

I spent an hour or so on a walk Saturday afternoon at Lake of the Woods Forest Preserve with my camera.  Most of the trees are now bare and the bold, bright colors we saw a few weeks ago are all but gone.  As I walked across the covered bridge, I stopped and looked in one of the windows and captured this photo of 3 frames inside the bridge.  I have always been interested in lines, textures and the geometric shapes I see.  This image was captured with the Olympus OM-D E-M1II with the 7-14 F2.8 Pro lens at its widest focal length.

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Wet Fall Afternoon At Lake of the Woods

The end of Fall

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Milkweed Pod from Winter Walk through Lake of the Woods

Wow, I am realizing just how long it has been since I was outside with my camera.  After many grey days this winter, we got an unusually warm day last Saturday.  I needed to walk a little bit, so I grabbed my camera and decided to take a short walk with my son-in-law, Manny, at Lake of the Woods.  There wasn’t much color, so I decided to switch the Fuji camera to the ACROS black and white setting.  What I came back with was a number of close up images of things I saw along the path.  This one of the milkweed pod on the stalk was interesting.  I was very impressed with the amount of detail and the texture my 50-140 lens was able to capture.

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Seed Pod

Seed PodI am getting very tired of winter and am longing for warm spring days that are still several months away.  I had to get outside this afternoon for a little while, so I put on my boots and coat, grabbed my Olympus camera and headed out to Lake of the Woods for a walk down the snow-covered paths.  It was only 18 degrees, but the wind wasn’t blowing and it was actually refreshing to breathe a little fresh air.  There is certainly little color outside right now and the cloudy, overcast days seem to make things a little more drab.  The dried seed pod from last fall is very ordinary, but nonetheless it caught my eye.  It actually did have a little color, but it was the texture and shape that seemed to draw my attention.  The black and white version of the image seemed to enhance the textures.

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Covered Bridge on Morning Walk

Lake of the Woods Covered Bridge-1-2I always enjoy the covered bridge when I am out at Lake of the Woods.  I stopped on my morning walk on Saturday morning to get take a few photographs of the bridge as the morning sun lit up the bridge and trees.  The colors in this scene and reflections on the water were spectacular.

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